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Ben Paganelli

Interboro Tours is a group of expert tour guides – all licensed by the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs – who met while working at various elite institutions and attractions around town. We have been on staff at such places as the The Met Fifth Ave, Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, The Whitney Museum and One World Trade Center. We have combined our intimate insider knowledge of these places with our experience leading walking tours throughout different areas of the city to create something unique and exciting. 

Now you have the chance to spend time on a private tour with one of our experts. We are available for full or half-day excursions. These are jam-packed excursions that immerse your small group in many aspects of big city life. You can get beneath the surface of the city’s most well known landmarks and discover more of the rich colors and patterns of the beautiful and vast mosaic that is NYC. Go from the subways to the spires and from the heart of Midtown to the pockets of culture spread across the boroughs.


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Ben takes the helm of the Interboro “Flagship” tour, an excursion taking visitors from the heart of Manhattan, through a neighborhood which is a center of industry, art and culture in Queens and back to NYC’s original trade district. Adept at finding the most interesting and authentic experiences in all Five Boroughs, Ben’s enthusiasm and energy will keep both New Yorkers and visitors on their toes, as they are continuously surprised by his discoveries.

Interboro Tours’ expert on New York City’s neighborhoods, Ben is constantly curious, constantly exploring. His adventures on bicycle, ferry, train, and foot make Ben the ideal companion for finding the new and noteworthy, far beyond the blogs and buzz-worthy lists.  He knows the city’s waterfronts and ferries, and will help guide visitors who may have never ventured onto the city’s rivers. “Nothing makes me happier than riding the NYC Ferry and watching our guests’ faces light up once we leave the shore. As the city unfolds before us -- her buildings and shoreline constantly changing in the light, it’s such a thrill to watch everyone fill up with excitement as our stories and the city come alive in a way they never expected. I strive to give our guests a unique experience, to take them beyond ordinary history and landmarks to give them a deeper understanding of the city and how it became, and remains, a center of commerce and culture.” Ben’s tours are adventures that will change the way you see New York City, and leave you wanting more.

Emma Guest-Consales, Ph.D.

Emma is the curator of the “Art of the City” tour. Emma’s tour brings a sense of wonder and delight to the everyday comings and goings of Manhattan’s hurried denizens. (And visitors) Imbued with a sense that we are all incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many kinds of wonderful expression everywhere we go, Emma’s tour brings out the beauty in every crevice, simply by pointing it out.

A certified expert on art history and NYC, Emma can lecture at the city’s greatest museums with the same ease she uses with a group of tourists to expound on the melding of cultures in lower Manhattan. She finds pure bliss in NYC’s great museums, having dedicated years of study to know them intimately, but can experience the same joy with a stroll in Central Park, a bike ride along the Hudson River Greenway, or a stop midblock on a tree-lined side street to admire the variety of architecture. “I get just as happy about a particular subway mosaic as I do about a painting in the Met; as intrigued by a tenement as I do with a skyscraper. I love showing someone a great, iconic landmark in NYC, watching their appreciation as I infuse it with meaning -- then taking them around the corner to see something incredible that they never knew was there. There’s another level of gratitude that comes out of people when they discover something they weren’t expecting that really makes me want to keep doing this everyday for someone new.” When you’re with Emma in NYC, that’s when you realize how true it is -- Art is Everywhere.

Ryan Witte

Ryan has designed the “Midtown Modernism” tour which focuses on the advent of Modern Architecture, takes us through Art Deco and Brutalism, and into the Postmodern era. During the tour Ryan takes you to specific periods and shows you how the neighborhood reflects different moments in American history and was influenced by and became a major influencer of international trends in architecture. By the end of the tour, you’ve been on a journey through the neighborhood and the world, and will understand in a new way why these buildings appeared in New York City, and could have appeared nowhere else.

Ryan says that, for him, discussing architecture in NYC brings together so many of his favorite subjects. History, art, design, styles, trends, culture and more all come together in the most dramatic way within an incredibly dynamic setting. He delights in sharing those stories in a way that makes new visitors and jaded New Yorkers alike feel a renewed sense of awe in their surroundings. “When I see people looking at these structures, with their mouths agape, it feels really great to give them a fuller sense of understanding through the stories of how these great monuments came to be, and how they relate to one another. When people feel that they really “know” a building, they have a stronger sense of connection with and appreciation for the city. That’s something special whether you’re here for the first time or have been your whole life.”

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