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Flagship Tour

The “Interboro Flagship” tour tells the story of public transportation’s role in the creation of two of New York City‘s neighborhoods and the important role public art plays in the city’s culture.

The shaping of Midtown Manhattan had many factors, but arguably the most important is its two major transportation hubs, Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Terminal, which give it its pulse by swelling it with millions of characters every day and funneling them away each night. We focus on the creation of Grand Central Terminal and the multiple influences on its evolution - none more important to its past, present, and future than its cross-town rival, Pennsylvania Station. There is perhaps no greater example in New York City - or America - of a piece of infrastructure dressed as a truly great work of art than Grand Central Terminal.


Coinciding with the rising of Midtown was the coming together of that village across the river, Long Island City, Queens. The second leg of our tour explores the many intersecting influences on a neighborhood which would play a vital role in New York City’s industrial development, the production of great public works throughout the city, and the shaping of multiple art-forms. Currently in a building boom of its own, we venture through Long Island City’s various landscapes, from its traditional manufacturing plants and working-class residential side, to its growing status as the outer-borough neighborhood of choice for in-the-know young professionals.

The tour ends with a ride on the original interborough transit.

Midtown Modernism

Our Midtown Manhattan Architecture tour focuses on the advent of Modern Architecture, takes us through Art Deco, Brutalism, and into the Postmodern era. During the tour Ryan takes you to specific periods and shows you how the neighborhood reflects different moments in American history and was influenced by and became a major influencer of international trends in architecture. By the end of the tour, you’ve been on a journey through the neighborhood and the world, and will understand in a new way why these buildings came to be in New York City, and could have appeared nowhere else.

Art of the City

The Art of the City tour will introduce the visitor to some of the public art that New Yorkers often overlook in their rush to get from one place to another. The city subways are decorated with works commissioned especially for the stations, including pieces by important American artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Jacob Lawrence.


From the depths under the city streets, we will then experience one of the greatest works of art in Manhattan - Central Park. Just as the art of the subway is designed to give the average traveler a moment to pause and reflect, so too is Central Park. But unlike the way subway platforms guide the traveler to the trains and around the transit system, Central Park is meant for the visitor to lose themselves in a sylvan world, far from the concrete jungle outside its gates.